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Department of Defense
Members of the MDNG and those who are eligible for membership Indefinite Full Time
The Maryland National Guard has a proud 370 year-old tradition of serving the nation and the state during times of war and natural disasters. Since 9/11 we have deployed more than 4,600 soldiers and airmen to more than 30 countries in support of the Global War on Terror. Our organization consists of more than 7,000 dedicated citizen-soldiers and airmen committed to a common goal of serving the community.
Dual status excepted service National Guard Technician position Type of employment: Enlisted E-6-E-8 MOS: 25 Applicants must have a secret clearance and eligible for TS/SCI w/ CI Poly Must complete or be IAT Level II Certified within 6 months Interprets a variety of Department of Defense (DoD), major military component and National Guard Bureau (NGB) guidance and develops the state policy implementing higher agency policies and directives. Develops and manages the command spectrum management program which includes all aspects of bandwidth spectrum management. Manages the states non-tactical radio networks, to include High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), and trunked systems. Coordinates with numerous state and federal agencies to ensure required frequencies are available for multi-agency operations, state compacts, convoy movements, etc. Allocates and assigns frequencies to supported activities within the state. Prepares, publishes, and disseminates Signal Operating Instructions (SOI) using automated systems. Provides guidance, and technical assistance to subordinate elements concerning SOI preparation and frequency management. Provides guidance and assistance to activities operating radio nets and ensures operational readiness of same, to include Military Affiliated Radio System (MARS). Manages satellite communications (SATCOM) interfaces, to include up/down links, digital to wireless integration, and satellite phones. Develops plans and procedures to support emergency and/or contingency operations in support of state or national requirements. Performs other duties as assigned.
General Experience: Experience, education, or training involving the knowledge of the needs of communications users. Experience using computer and automation systems.
Specialized Experience: GS-11 Must have at least 36 months experience that demonstrates a combination of specialized communications knowledge at management level. Experience reviewing training programs to ensure local requirements are met and enhance the awareness of state-of-the art and future technology. Experience involving technical or analytical work pertaining to multiple areas of telecommunications systems, facilities, services, and procedures.
Special Note: This position may become Permanent, without further competition, if the incumbent does not return.
Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience: A maximum of 12 months of required experience may be substituted by successful completion of undergraduate study in an accredited college or university at the rate of 30 semester hours for 12 months of experience. The education must have been in fields directly related to the type of the position.
Applicants who are substituting education for specialized experience (totally or partially) must submit either an official transcript or a statement from the registrar, dean, or other appropriate official of the OPM approved educational institution (military schools & most technical schools included).
Other Requirements: A pre-employment physical or medical screening may be required for placement to this position Selectee will be required to participate in Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer (DD/EFT) program as a condition of employment.
Security Clearance Requirement: Must have a secret security clearance with SSBI and be eligible for TS/SCI and CI Poly. If incumbent cannot maintain or obtain this may be cause for reassignment or termination.
Required Course: Must be IA Level 1 Certified or able to attain the certification within six months of appointment. Selectee will be required to complete the Local COMSEC Management Software (LCMS) Workstation Operator Course and Standardized COMSEC Custodian Course within Six months of appointment.
Note: Permanent Change of Station (PCS) allowance is not authorized for this position based on a determination that a PCS move is not in the Government's interest.
Enlisted Cash Bonus: Acceptance of a technician position may affect any bonus and/or educational assistance that may be applicable.
Once the application process is complete, a review of your application will be made to ensure you meet the job requirements. To determine if you are qualified for this job, a review of your resume and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to the occupational questionnaire. The numeric rating you receive is based on your responses to the questionnaire. The score is a measure of the degree to which your background matches the knowledge, skills and abilities required of this position. If, after reviewing your resume and or supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications and or experience your score can and will be adjusted to more accurately reflect your abilities. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating.
Select the Apply Online (blue link on the top right of the announcement within USA Jobs) and follow the instructions to apply for this vacancy.
1. Your resume and any other documents specified in the Required Documents section of this announcement (submitted via ).
2. Your responses to the Qualifications Questionnaire (submitted via ).
3. Your transcript (may be unofficial at the time of application; but an official copy may be requested at later date if needed) (submitted/uploaded via ) .
ALL applications and supporting documents MUST be submitted through electronically and must be submitted prior to midnight of the closing date. Mailed, e-mailed, hand-delivered, and faxed applications will NOT be accepted. You may consult with the Human Resources Office during our regular hours for assistance with applying online.
Your resume MUST contain your full name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, rank (if applicable), and at least the last four digits of your social security number. ALL applications MUST be submitted through / electronically and must be submitted prior to midnight of the closing date. Mailed, e-mailed,hand-delivered, and faxed applications will not be accepted.
To submit the documents requested follow the instructions below: Your resume, curriculum vitae, the Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF 612), or any other written format you choose to describe your job-related qualifications can be submitted electronically using the document upload process. Ensure that your resume contains your full name, address, phone and at least your last four digits of your social security number.
Note: Please ensure that your resume contains the basic information outlined under the Applying for a Federal Job link:
Once the online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgment email that your submission was successful. After the announcement closes, a review of your complete application is made and, if found qualified, you will be referred to the hiring official for an interview per the mdNG merit placement plan. If further evaluation or interviews are required you will be contacted. After all interviews are conducted applicants will receive notification that they were or were not selected.
OSHA Physical (for specified occupation series): Selectee(s) will be required to satisfactorily complete an OSHA physical examination prior to being assigned to some positions. Upon notification of selection, contact information will be forwarded to the selectee(s) requiring an OSHA physical because of the occupation series involved. Selectee' will be notified of a Start date upon successful completion of the OSHA physical.
Selected Reserve Incentive Programs: Acceptance of a Permanent or Indefinite Excepted Service Position will cause termination from Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SLRP) Military Bonus. Please contact the Education office regarding details that may affect your SRIP incentives (ARMY: NGR 600-7, AIR: ANGI 36-2607)
When this announcement closes, each application will be evaluated. The Human Resources Office (HRO) will compare your experience with a standardized set of qualification criteria (Specialized Experience) for the particular position being announced. If there is more than one grade listed on this announcement, you may be found qualified at one of those grades according to the experience you have listed (see first page under "SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE"). If your application is found qualified, it will be rated accordingly and will be forwarded to the selecting supervisor, up to ten qualified applicants. If found not qualified, you will receive a letter indicating that you were "not qualified" and the reason(s) why. You, the applicant, are responsible for the completion and turn-in of your application, all contents, and attachments. Incomplete applications will be considered "Not Qualified" because of lack of information. The HRO is not responsible to inform you that your application is incomplete. When the qualification records are completed for the selecting supervisor, the decision is final
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Main New Employee OPM Website -
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FEDVIP - Technician dental and vision insurance plans are explained and enrollment is available here:
TSP - The Thrift Savings Program website contains bulletins and enrollment information:
ABC-C - The Army Benefits Center-Civilian is where all technicians go to be informed about and manage their benefits. Within ABC-C is the EBIS system where enrollment occurs: /
You can view other MDNG vacancies at . To read guidance on applying for federal positions go to the bottom of the table and view the various links. Read very carefully regarding the processes you will be expected to complete in order to have a successful submission of your application/resume

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